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Reselling of Evolis Thermal Printer

Rhanos resells Evolis Pebble Plastic Card Printers.
The PEB3LE is based on the proven concepts and technologies for plastic card printing.
Evolis provides a highly reliable printer, and to date, it is one of the rare manufacturers of printers for plastic cards to offer a 1 year warranty on its products, excluding print head.
Thanks to a combination of mechanical, electronic and Firmware the PEB3LE achieves an unmatched printing quality and produces in few seconds natural colors and images with an exceptional finish.

Its modern and esthetic curves hide an ultra-robust and powerful product.
With a 150 cards/hour print speed in color and a 1000 cards/hour in monochrome, the PEB3LE has the most outstanding throughput of its category. 
Thanks to its ergonomic concepts and its automatic integrated cooling system, the PEB3LE replies to all your needs, from small series card production to large volumes.

The PEB3LE has a clamshell opening that allows easy and fast access to all the printer functions: ribbon installation, cleaning, card thickness.

Its Hi-Tech design, compactness and choice of three colors of the cover (Lagoon, Ruby or Glacier) allow the PEB3LE to be integrated in any reception or office desk.

A Turnkey Solution
eMedia Card Designer software is delivered standard with every printer. From the first time you use it you personalise and print your own badges easily and without delay
Delivered with drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and Xp or for Mac OS X, the PEB3LE is compatible with any software on the market
The standard USB and parallel Centronics ports make the printer plug-and-play. And to make life even simpler, we have included all the cables in the packaging

The PEB3LE is equipped with the Evolis Ribbon Saver for monochrome printing. With this system, you only use the ribbon length that corresponds to the length of the image to be printed. This print characteristic allows you to double and even triple the capacity of your monochrome ribbons… and to reduce the cost of each card!
Evolis offers a Half-Panel Color Ribbon range, 42% cheaper than the standard color ribbons for all your card printing with ID pictures.Product Specifications

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