Industrial Screen Printing

Step Into the World of Precision with Rhanos' Industrial Screen printing!

Industrial Screen Making 

We offer high-precision screen printing using a range of materials including metal, glass, plastic, etc. Our meticulous process includes expert screen stretching and advanced Exposure Techniques on durable aluminum frames, reaching dimensions of up to 8 ft x 5 ft. We use top-notch polyester meshes to ensure quality and longevity in every print. 

At Rhanos, we understand the importance of every little detail in the making of screens. Our innovative techniques, combined with a steadfast dedication to detail, ensure that every screen we produce meets the high standards our clients expect and deserve. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in all areas of screen making—from material selection to final inspection.

Experience unparalleled precision with Rhanos’ Industrial Screen Making services. Our advanced techniques ensure high-quality, durable screens for all your printing needs.






Screen printing services

We bring your ideas to life on custom-printed Display Boards and fabricated dispensers. From the flexibility of Corrugated PP to the sleek finish of Acrylic, we work with diverse materials to create visually stunning displays.


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Rhanos Industrial Screen Making Process: Precision and Innovation
Collection of screen-printed acrylic panels with branding for companies like Johnson and Mamat, featuring cut-outs and symbols for electronic interfaces.